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What is AURIGA (AURIGA Credit Network)?

  1. AURIGA is a central service platform for international credit management solutions.
  2. AURIGA offers to registered users a centralized, multi-lingual online Credit Management.

What can I do with AURIGA ?

Compare and take advantage of centrally managed Credit Management services, locally and internationally.

How does AURIGA ensure the quality of the partners?

You can hire AURIGA or get a list of CM-service providers and you choose with whom you want to work with, according to your criteria. Anyway, all CM-Partners are obligated to accept the «Code of Conduct» of Auriga Credit Network.

How do I register with AURIGA as a CREDITOR and what does it costs?

In the "CREDITOR" (= creditor, creditor representatives) can register only entrepreneurs and enterprises who want to run the credit management directly. I.e., selection of the CM-Partners, requesting and obtaining offers, mandating and managing orders.
Registration and the mentioned functions of the AURIGA Credit Management-tool is FREE.

How do I register with AURIGA as a PARTNER and what does it costs?

As "PARTNER" only (CM) Credit Management Service providers (eg. "DCA" Debt Collection Agency, Business-/Credit Information Provider, Credit-Insurance-Company, Factoring-Company, Debt Purchaser, Lawyer, Investigation Agency, etc.) who want to offer their CM-services, can register. On the other hand, the CM partner also can require for offers and place and manage his orders.
Registration is FREE.

Can I work as a private person with AURIGA?

No, but you can do it being represented by a CM-partner of your choice at your domicile, which will then work with AURIGA as your Creditor-Representative.
Thus, the advantages of AURIGA are accessible also for private persons.

Can I control the transfer and processing of collection cases from my CM system?

Yes, for this we provide you a corresponding SOAP / XML interface. Please contact us.

After my registration, why do I see no partner for a selection?

When you have entered an order, due to the country where the debtor is established, a list of all the available partners is displayed. You can then make the appropriate selection. To see the process of offer-request you can also view our VIDEO.


Look at it just briefly - we`ll show you how you can easily place a request for an offer.


Read the article from the magazine "CreditManager Europe" - issue 01/13.


SSL encryption

We give great importance to the data protection sphere in which we use for example the SSL-encryption.


All data are stored on a secure, remote data center that meets the current and most stringent safety standards.
For more details, you can view our provider Hostpoint.

Data Protection Policy

The enormous and cross-border data flow on the Internet requires compliance with the related data protection policies, of course.



Fee charged to the order-taking member (PARTNER/receiver) as a commission for AURIGA


Business to Consumer (if the debtor is a consumer)


Business to Business (if the debtor is an enterprise)


CM stands for Credit Management


The client (= original creditor) of the CM- Partner (=Creditor-/Client-representative, e.g. DCAs, Lawyer, etc.)


Consulting-Service on special issues


Business- and Credit Reports, Scores, Ratings etc.




it means CREDITORs or CREDITOR-representatives, (=sender) who wants to submit his claims for Debt-Collection, -Sale, Credit-Insurance, Factoring-Financing, Skip Tracing etc. to a (CM) PARTNER (=receiver), or previously ask them for an offer) previously ask for an offer.


Credit Protection with Credit Insurance, Factoring-Solutions etc.


Means any legal or physical entity that owes money to a CREDITOR (–representative)


Purchase of Accounts Receivables (usually overdue receivables, single or portfolios)


Address Identification. Skip Tracing is the process of gathering all the available information on missing person in order to find where they are currently residing.


Debt Collection Service


The PARTNER offers to the CREDITOR (-representatives) his conditions for his services



A "PARTNER"(=receiver) is a credit management service provider like e.g. Debt Collection Agency, Business- and Credit-Reporting-Provider, Credit Insurance Company, Factoring-Company, Debt Purchaser, Lawyer, Investigation Agency, etc.. These companies can register in both categories:
a) as a «PARTNER"(=receiver), because they accept CM orders as a CM-service provider 
b) as a «CREDITOR» (=sender), because they give CM-orders to PARTNERs (e.g. for international debt collection etc.), if they are Creditor-representative or assignee.


Represents the technology provided by AURIGA which allows the transfer of CM orders (claims), communication, shipping documents, etc. between CREDITOR (sender) and PARTNER (receiver).


Defining private debt

Private debt has only recently been considered an asset class in its own right, and the term covers a range of different investment styles and strategies.

Why debt collection is booming in Switzerland

More and more Swiss are getting stamped by debt collectors.

Banking in Europe: EBF publishes 2018 Facts & Figures

• European banks consolidate to boost efficiency and enhance profitability • Total number of credit institutions in the EU down by 31% since 2008 • Non-performing loans are no longer a specific European problem

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